10 Common Warning Signs of Transmission Problems

The transmission system is the one that allows the power to reach the wheels to start the car moving. However, problems occur with the transmission that makes it impossible to start the car. Did you know that transmission fluid leaks can be caused by loose pan joints or a loose filler tube? These are the ten most common Transmission Problems. 

1. Does not start because of the cold

When your vehicle won’t start, it may be a sign that your transmission is failing. 

Generally, the winter months can be hard on the vehicle.

2. Gears slide

A transmission works when you or the computer inside your vehicle start the gear shift. But if your transmission doesn’t. Clearly, something is wrong. It can be a dangerous business. It doesn’t matter if your car is manual or automatic.

When the gears slip, the car will shift out of gear. But if you are driving on the road it is quite dangerous.

3. Burning smell

Your car’s pump may not be able to circulate fluid through the transmission. This is due to overheating of the transmission and the fluid will begin to burn. A foul odor is produced.

The fluid dipstick should be checked. The fluid is probably lower than it should be and has a darker color than normal.

Checking the fluid is recommended as a safety precaution.

4. Transmission fluid leakage

If a fluid leak occurs, you need to have the transmission checked immediately.

To find out if there is a leak or not, place some cardboard under the car to catch any possible liquid that comes out. Check the color of the transmission fluid and the severity of the leak.

5. Skip

When the car starts moving and jumping for no obvious reason.

One of the reasons may be that the transmission fluid contains dirt. This prevents the fluid from flowing properly. Burns occur, preventing movement.

There are reasons for this problem and it is not always the transmission. However, this possibility must be ruled out. Perhaps a new transmission is needed or the vehicle should be sold.

6. Transmission noise

If the car makes strange noises. It may be more serious than it seems.

If the gears and clutch packs are not lubricated with the fluid they can cause friction. This may be the cause of the noise. It can also cause premature wear.

A bad transmission pump will cause problems with the rest of the vehicle’s transmission. 

Problems related to low fluid levels, contamination, and worn parts will make the pump and transmission work much harder. These failures will come back because of overwork.

7. Delayed movement

When you press the accelerator and the car accelerates before moving. This is a delay in the vehicle’s movement. It may mean that your transmission is having problems. 

The best thing to do is to go for a professional check-up and avoid an accident.

8. Shifting Gears

Forced changes occur when the transmission fluid is not introduced into the transmission at all. The gears are not lubricated as they should be. Then significant wear occurs in the gears.

If you have an automatic transmission, you will notice a jolt or a delay in acceleration. In a manual transmission, it is more difficult to get the gears in.

9. Control motor light

An engine check light can refer to many problems in your vehicle. It is not always related to the engine. 

A diagnostic machine can look at the specific error code your car is displaying and will diagnose where the problem is in the vehicle.

10. Gear grinding

You may feel that when you change gear, there is a loud grinding noise.

It may be something you feel in your hand if you have a manual transmission. With an automatic transmission, your car may make a noise or appear to have difficulty reaching the speed you need.

You may have worn out the clutch and that maybe what needs to be replaced.

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