5 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

When winter arrives in Chicago, you should avoid the risk of driving. You must avoid the dangers of slipping or sliding with the car. Here are 5 easy steps to prepare your vehicle for winter winter and feel safer.

Check your tires

It is advisable to check the condition of the tires before the winter. There are two factors that affect tire performance: proper pressure and tread wear. 

Tire pressure should match the recommended inflation. The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations need that a passenger tire be manufactured with wear bars to allow visual inspection of tread depth. If the surface of a tire is flush with the wear bar, the tread is less than 2/32″ and must be replaced.

Check the car's battery and headlights

Cold temperatures increase battery consumption. It means your car battery will require more power to start the engine. Check that your battery is in good condition. Another option is to replace the battery as a preventive measure.

For other cases, batteries just need to have their corrosion removed and their cables inspected. 

Clean and/or restore your headlights. For safety, your headlights need to glow in the face of snow or water.

Prepare your car's emergency equipment

Winter climates are unpredictable. So be prepared and keep an emergency kit in your trunk. Include in your emergency kit: flares, jumper cables, tools, first aid kit, boots, gloves and warm clothing, an ice scraper and small shovel, a flashlight, windshield washer fluid, tire chains, a tire gauge, a spare tire, and tire changing equipment.

Replace your windshield wipers

If you live in an area where there are ice and snow, you should use good quality cleaners. Have an ice scraper, as windshield wipers are not designed to remove ice from the windshield.

Visit your auto technician

Prepare your vehicle for winter by putting it in good hands, visit your trusted auto technician and get your car well maintained. Check the cooling system, belts, tensioners, and hoses. Some manufacturers suggest changing the oil and replacing dirty filters. 

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