Differences Between a Salvage Yard & Automotive Scrap Yard

When it comes to selling your junk car, you may have a lot of doubts about where you should sell it in order to get as much money as possible. Should you take it to a salvage yard or  to a scrap yard?

Let’s look at the differences between a salvage yard and a scrap yard

Salvage Yard

Salvage Yards buys Shattered and unusable cars from the previous owners (the vehicle does not necessarily have to be in poor condition to be purchased).

In these places high value is given to old vehicles because it is possible to divide them into several parts that will be subsequently sold to any other client who needs a specific spare part.

Salvage yards pay more money than scrap yards. In these places, cars are dismantle in order to to obtain any part (big or small) that can be sold.

Once all usable parts been removed, the scrap metal is crushed and sold to a metal recycling center

Scrap yards

Scrap yards buy metal wastes from virtually anyone who sells it. They usually buy large quantities of scrap metal and pay a base price depending on the type of metal they are recycling.

These places buy metals such as copper, aluminum or zinc from any source (cars, cables, appliances, etc.).

Scrap yards only sell the purchased metal to recycling companies.

Where should I sell my junk car?

In general terms, salvage yards and scrap yards develop the same function: buying metal wastes and sell it to recyclers.

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