6 Common Ignition Switch Problems

6 Common Ignition Switch Problems

For all those who have a vehicle, driving is a daily thing. Opening the car door, placing the key in the ignition switch, and starting the car, is simply natural. The truth is, we don’t stop to think step by step what is needed to drive our vehicle.

So the days and our routines go on until for some reason our vehicle does not start. This is when we have a problem with the ignition switch.

The power switch does not turn.

Try to move the steering wheel from side to side. Maybe it’s locked.

Use the spare key to check if the problem is the ignition switch or if the key is damaged.

The switch starts but the engine does not start

In this case. The problem may be that the switch is defective or there is a fault in the starter circuit. Check the battery and its cables to rule out that it is a discharged battery.

The ignition switch works, the engine cranks but the vehicle does not start

In this case we just have to check the anti-theft system or the vehicle’s computer, it may not be recognizing the key.

The engine starts and runs normally, but stops unexpectedly

That is one of the most common problems that shows a failure in the ignition switch. It is necessary to check the electrical system or the Worn contacts inside the switch as they may loosen with the vibration or heat of the car.

The key does not come out of the ignition switch.

Maybe the steering column is locked. Try to move the steering wheel until you hear a click. Then, remove the key

Key is broken off inside the ignition switch

If this is the case, we recommend looking for a locksmith so you can remove the broken key from the switch. If the key is easily removed, you can use the replacement key to start your vehicle.

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