How Ignition Systems Work: Breaker Points & More

There are different types of ignition systems. Surely you need to know about breaker points and more.

Here we classify them into three main ones:

Conventional ignition system

This automotive ignition system has two electrical circuits.

The primary circuit is low voltage and works only with battery current. The breaker points and power switch control it . When the user turn the key, the current flows generating a magnetic field around the coil.

As far as it concerned, the secondary circuit consists of the secondary windings in the coil; the high voltage cable between the distributor and the coil. As the motor rotates, the switch points separate. And when the points open, the flow of current stops. The capacitor absorbs energy and helps the rapid collapse of the magnetic field.

Electronic Ignition System

The electronic ignition system arises from the need to reduce emissions, greater mileage, and greater reliability.

However, this system still has a distributor, although the breaker points were replaced by a collection coil; There is also an electronic ignition control module.

Electronic systems also have two circuits: a primary circuit and a secondary circuit. The secondary circuit is the same as the conventional ignition system.

Ignition system without distributor

This is the most updated of the ignition systems.
Its main difference is that the coils are placed directly above the spark plugs. There is no need of spark plug wires; and the system is also electronic.

In this system, an ignition module controls the spark plug timing and an engine computer. It is possible that there is one coil per cylinder or one coil for each pair of cylinders.

This ignition system does not need time adjustments.

There is also no distributor and rotor cover, no moving parts that can be damaged.

Since it does not have a distributor, it will not cause starting problems. Without a distributor, no humanity will be generated.

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