5 Warning Signs of Car Battery Failure

You are on the highway to your work and your car starts to fail. There seems to be no explanation, but have you checked your car battery? Always, your battery gives warning signs. Read what are the 5 alarm signals that indicate that you need to change the battery in your car.

Board warning light is ON

This is one of the most obvious signals that can indicate that your vehicle may have a battery failure. The warning light illuminates when the car has a problem in the electrical system. When the light comes on, don’t waste time and visit the certified service technicians

There is a clicking sound by turning the key

When your car engine does not start, the vehicle will emit a quick click, this is indicative that the power is too low to start the engine. If your car does not start and the only thing you can hear is a click, your car battery is depleted.

Engine starts slowly

One of the most common symptoms of a battery about to happen is that the car does not start immediately after the starter is activated. If your battery is about to die, your car’s engine will start slowly. If this happens, do not wait long, take your car to a specialist to check the battery of your vehicle.

Headlights do not shine enough

You can check the intensity of light emitted by your headlights and easily realize if your car battery is about to fail. Regularly, the headlight lights dim when there is not enough power to shine.

Problems with electrical components

Your car’s electrical accessories can also help you know if there is a fault in your car battery. Electric windows, for example, will move slowly if the battery in your vehicle fails.

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