What parts are valuable in Junk Cars?

Now that you have a brand new car, you want to get rid of your old junk cars that are taking up all space in your garage. But wait, before getting it directly to the trash, we recommend you know the value of the parts of  the car you have decided to discard.

You will be impressed to know which parts are surprisingly valuable and how those items will help you earn extra money.Here there are  the MOST Surprisingly Valuable Items in a Junk Cars‌.


Bumpers are highly requested parts. Depending on the brand, year and model of your vehicle, a bumper in good condition can generate good profits.

GPS system

It is time to disassemble that old GPS installed in your vehicle, also,  If you have a portable GPS, selling it could add some dollars to your pocket.


Selling the doors separately is more profitable than selling them per pair.


As in today’s cars, fenders are part of the same piece, replacing them is usually very expensive. That is why people are looking for used fenders to reduce repair costs.


Do not underestimate the airbags. If the airbags have not been deployed, you may be able to generate profit by selling them.


You can definitely sell the tires of your car separately to get a few extra dollars.

Junkyard in Melrose Park, IL pay cash for your Junk Cars.

Remember that selling your Junk Cars by parts can take some time.

We recommend you to hire specialists in the field that would offer you the best deal. Get the job done today, fast and professionally; forget about bringing your car to our junkyard, if it is not working we offer towing service.

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