How to Find Your Vehicle’s Accurate Tire Size

Making the correct selection of the tire size is very important to maintain optimal performance, safety, and fuel efficiency. So, it is really important to learn more about this. The replacement tires should be the same size, load index and speed rating specification as recommended by the vehicle or tire manufacturer. Also, the replacement tires must never be of a smaller size or load-carrying capacity than the original specification. But wait, there’s more…

Here is how to find your vehicle’s accurate tire size

Read the documentation!

The documentation informes you about the recommended tire sizes for your car. Compatibility is determined according to its outer dimensions – diameter/rolling circumference and width. Also, the size must comply with the vehicle’s requirements regarding speed rating and load range. Together, the load index and speed index make up the full service description for a passenger car tire.

So, it is really important that when choosing the correct tire size, you have to make sure that your tire size selection in strict accordance with vehicle documents and tire manufacturer recommendations. If the combined wheel and tire diameter don’t match, there will be many problems and you just don’t want them.

Don’t forget that switching to different tire sizes can only be done in compliance with all legal requirements and regulations. The internal construction of tires fitted on any vehicle must either be radial or bias-ply. Fitting mixed tire constructions for cars, caravans, and other light trucks is just unsafe and illegal. As you may know, the only permissible exception is the use of a spare tire for an emergency.

Concerning the choice of wheels or rims, the same rules apply. Motorists must use the standard wheels or rims approved by the vehicle manufacturer. And of course taking into consideration the tire size documentation.

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