What are common catalytic converter problems?

A failing catalytic converter is not uncommon at all! Any external impact such as overheating of the engine’s internal components can affect it. In most cases, it will last for the entire life cycle of a vehicle…but not always. While sturdy, the catalytic converter can slowly fail over time as the catalyst elements wear out.

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used auto parts melrose park

Let’s discover some of the common catalytic converter problems

The increased emissions

When a converter is failing, it can’t do its job properly, which is to reduce gaseous emission. So, a high level of carbon emission is the obvious consequence of a bad exhaust system. This is a serious problem as it can lead to the damage of the entire exhaust system if you don’t fix it quickly.

The loss of power when accelerating

Losing power during acceleration or going uphill is one of the most common clogged catalytic converter problems. Mechanics often misdiagnose this and suggest changing a few components, but it is unnecessary.

A degraded performance

It happens because of the back pressure that the failing converter creates, affecting the engine.

Not maintaining the catalytic converter

For the most part, issues appear when there’s no maintenance. So it’s important to get a mechanic diagnose when it’s time for a replacement. Keeping your emissions and combustion systems in good shape will minimize the risk of your catalytic converter failing.

The fuel vapor

If your vehicle has a carburetor instead of a fuel injection, you can be sure of a poor catalytic converter by doing the fuel vapor test. Rev the engine and see if there’s a cloud of vaporized fuel over the carburetor. If this is the case, it has a clog.

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