How to Decide to Repair or Sell Your Vehicle to an Auto Salvage

old vehicle in auto salvage

Which is better to repair the car or sell your vehicle to an auto salvage? It is a complicated decision. You must test every variant of this dilemma. Should you ask yourself some questions?. How much will the repairs cost?, how long will the car last? Do you want to sell the car and have … Read more

Benefits of Selling Your Car To a Junkyard

junk car in a junkyard

If your car is old and in bad condition. Or the repair and start-up of the vehicle are more expensive than expected. And you car is occupying space in the garage while rusting, why not sell it? We present to you the benefits of selling your car to a Junkyard.  Selling it to junk disposal … Read more

A Step by Step Guide To Get the Most For Your Junk Car

two junk cards in the field

We want to make sure you get the most for your junk car. Here are excellent tips from our junk car experts. 1. REMOVE PERSONAL BELONGINGS When he sells his car to a salvage yard and the tow truck arrives. You must take out all your personal belongings. Leaving the items behind can cause problems … Read more